Until such time as we actually have articles and categories I am removing those items from the side bar. It will only take a simple click to add them back in once we start adding some new content. From here on out I would suggest that we do not add anything to the main menu on top. Once we develop or receive new content we can create categories and posts rather than pages.

This is a post. All of the items on the main menu are pages.

The FAQ and Our Work page have been moved under the About option on the main menu.

Items on the sidebar can easily be reorganized by drag and drop from the WIDGETS menu in the admin panel.

I’m thinking perhaps the Maltese cross page should go to an individual page rather than be a popout or popup. Many people disable this kind of thing by default. Do we want to allow comments/discussion on the Maltese Cross pages? A single click enables or disables this feature.

One thing that is not easily done in WordPress is manipulation of tables. With that in mind please do me a favor and send via email a zip file of the Maltese Cross related pages and images. I will create the table in word and then import it into WordPress. This will be much easier to deal with and cut down the length of time it takes to get this area completed.

Once the Maltese Cross area is finished we can actually take the site live. New things will be easily added from that point without making things messy for visitors, in fact they won’t even notice anything until the new things just show up as options :)

We are VERY close to being able to take this live. Before we start adding new posts and categories we need to get the site moved to your server.

We should also think about what other options we want to have available. Take a look at this article and let me know if you think we should add any of these




The following need to be addressed (in no particular order other than what my splintered mind can think of):

  • Order Of The Maltese Cross page – Cross Image, find images of each person in the order to add next to their name? Create info page for each individual,
  • New sexy TGCA image? (I also wanted to ask you about participation in this… what is required etc.. for me personally that is hahahahah can you tell its getting late?)
  • Assist Us Page (Change title to Help us Help Others?)
  • Our Work Page (are there updates for this?)
  • “Home/Splash Page” ¬†We can create one, use the about page, anything we wish…
  • Contact page
  • Although it doesn’t exist on the current site, what about an online store?

Here are some ideas that are floating about in my mind, seems I get to working on one thing and my muse starts smacking me in the head with more and more ideas…

  1. Pages and Posts can be passworded.. with this in mind we could have online curriculum if desired
  2. I think to have a “resource” section would be valuable for members who may not have some of the basic texts needed. Personally I hate having to follow links all over the internet to get these texts. It is very easy to make them available on the site (for online reading or downloadable pdfs..
  3. Do we want forums for member only (and/or public) discussions?
  4. How about a news/announcements page? This could also serve as the “home” page.
  5. This is iffy, but some may actually like the idea of a members directory (voluntary participation of course)
  6. We can (and should I think) have guest authors for teaching/opinion/whatever
  7. We need a list of OTK approved links to other sites…
  8. An OTK Rituals area? We could password these.. Squire specific stuff would require a Squire password, Knight info require Knight¬†password etc…
  9. A Calendar for “Holy” days and special events? We could also include member birthdays if they so choose…
  10. We can embed videos and audio into any page or post, but if we do, I think we need to download them and store them on the site (within copyright restrictions, if any) as links often change and we can avoid “not found” errors..

Just some FYIs about WordPress

  • Posts can be in categories, Pages can not.
  • We should avoid tags and instead use categories instead. Tags are essentially worthless and slow the system down.
  • Any Admin can edit any page or post.
  • You can easily save posts/pages as a draft to continue work on them at a later time. Posts and pages in draft are not seen by visitors

More to come Im sure… feel free to add your ideas…