A Guide To Certain Words and Terms of Our Craft (Part III)

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Dear Friends,

Si Valetis, Valeo

Whether you study with us, or someone else, you will need to know certain words and terms which make up the language of magicians, alchemists, Gnostics, and students of The Western Mystery Tradition.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we will be adding to it as time allows. In other words, it will be a “living document,” in as much as a document can live digitally.

Enjoy your HIJK’s.

Pax Profunda


HATHA YOGA: (Yoga) Sanskrit Gives mastery over the breath and leads to the control of the physical body and vitality.

HAVAR: (Qabalah) Hebrew Companions on the path. People who recognize one another and work together to carry out the Great Work. Havarim is the plural form.

HERMAPHRODITE: (Alchemy) The result of the union between Aphrodite and Hermes: Hermaphroditus. In alchemy, a human possessing both male and female qualities which represents Sulfur and Mercury after their Conjunction. Another symbol for the union of opposites. (Same as REBIS)

HERMETICISM: (Magick, philosophy) From the word “sealed” or contained, to indicate its connection with the occult sciences, especially alchemy and magick, Hermeticism is a form of Alexandrian Gnosticism which was named in honor of the writer of the Corpus Hermetica and translator of the Emerald Tablet: Hermes Trismestigus.

HIGH REDEFINITION: (Philosophy) A fallacy in which the meaning of a word is narrowed to defend a questionable proposition. For example: “No Thelemite supports charitable organizations… at least no TRUE Thelemite does.” (Contrast with LOW REDEFINITION.)

HISHTAVUT: (Qabalah) Hebrew Composure, calmness, self-control, and poise: A state of not requiring praise or having reaction to blame. A crucial attainment which precedes adepthood.

HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL: (Magick) A generic term for God, Neshamah, Self, Higher Self, Higher Genius, Atman, etc. The term appears to have originated with The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The goal of magick is to unite the profane with the divine; the man with the god. This “god” is unique according to various considerations, such as ones psychological/spiritual evolution which dictates their ability to grasp the concept in the first place. Since the encounter will differ from individual to individual, a general term was needed. The invocation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel is the true mark of Adepthood.

HOST: (Ecclesiastic) The consecrated Body of God.

HYPNOTISM: (Psychology) A form of guided meditation involving visualization, relaxation and repetition used to produce an altered state of consciousness in another person by communicating directly with the unconscious mind. There is an erroneous growing opinion that astral projection and scrying are in fact achieved by self-hypnosis.

HYPOTHESIS: (General term) An unproven explanation.

IBBUR: (Qabalah) Hebrew A person that is possessed by the spirit, or possesses the soul of a Master in order to carry out some mission.

ID: (Psychology) A term used to describe the essence of mind that is inherently pristine. The secret center of the Self.  Profound occult consciousness itself, usually unconscious to ordinary awareness. The power of  the libido which is the totality of our vitality and life.   Jung calls it “TAO.” Wilhelm’s calls it “Meaning.”

IDA: Sanskrit. The Lunar element in the kundalini said to reside at the left side of the spine. It has cooling qualities and is manipulated by breathing through the left nostril.

IOSIS: (Alchemy) The third and final stage of alchemical transformation. Because it is marked by the purpling or reddening of the material during the Coagulation operation it is also known as the “Purple Phase.”

INDUCTIVE ARGUMENT: (Philosophy) An argument in which a general conclusion applying to all instances is derived from a premise or premises concerning one or many instances (but not all instances). Example: “This Thelemite is a magician, and so is that one, and that one as well. Therefore, all Thelemites are magicians.” In contrast to a valid Deductive Argument, there is no self-contradiction in asserting the premise(s) but denying the conclusion of an inductive argument.

INFINITE REGRESS: (Philosophy) A circular fallacy. An argument that proposes an explanation, but the mechanism proposed requires just as much explanation as the original fact to be explained – and indeed it stands in need of the same kind of explanation. It is tempting to apply the explanation to itself. For example: “Eggs exist because they are laid by chickens; and, of course, chickens are hatched from eggs.”

INITIATION: (Magick, religion, philosophy, alchemy, mysticism) Literally, a beginning. Some people believe initiation to be a test or period of instruction that often takes place during ritual or ceremony. Other smarter people know that initiation can occur instantaneously at any time or place, and is often started by one’s higher self, or even the universe itself.

IRON: (Alchemy) One of the seven metals of alchemy and is associated with Separation. In Qabalah it is attributed to fifth sephirah Geburah (severity).

JNANA YOGA: (Yoga) Sanskrit Gives mastery over knowledge and leads to the control of the powers of the intellect.

JUNGIAN ALCHEMY: (Psychology) A theory originating with Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who concluded that alchemical images explain the archetypal roots of the modern mind and underscores a process of transformation leading to the integration of the personality.

KALA:  a ray, star, digit of time, radiance, essence, perfume. The vital psychosomatic essence which is manifest as a result of Maithuna (linking, joining, as in Tantra), these are 16 in number, 8 manifesting from the female and 8 from the male. The Tantric “glow” of the Kala will be different according to the digit in time where, when, and with whom the Tantra is worked.

KARMA YOGA: (Yoga) Sanskrit Gives mastery over activity, and leads to the control of powers of action.

KING: (Alchemy) The King represents man, solar consciousness, or Sulfur. In the early stages of alchemy the King is naked, but regains his imperial garb at the conclusion of the operation. The King united with the Queen symbolizes Conjunction.

KINGS OF EDOM: (Qabalah) Hebrew The kings who reigned before “there where kings in Israel” mentioned in the Torah. It is a suggestive of the universes that existed before this present Universe. They were failed attempts due to and imbalance between Mercy and Severity. The broken “shells” of these these are averse influences that still exist in Assiah today (see qlippoth).

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR: (Religious Order) Knights of The Eastern Temple. This religious military Order was formed in 1118, during the Second Crusade. Its members were fearless warriors that took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Their main purpose was to protect people making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In time the Templars amassed a lot of wealth and power, invite the resentment and suspicions of various European monarchs. It was alleged that they worshiped a bearded figure called “Baphomet” and practiced black magic; etc. Their Grand Master, Jacques De Molay, was arrested, tortured and ultimately executed. The Templars are the inspiration behind many modern organizations such as Freemasonry, Ordo Templi Orientis and The Order of Thelemic Knights, but not for the reason most people think.

KUNDALINI: (Yoga) Sanskrit. Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine (called Sakti) until it is activated by practicing yoga. It has 3 ½ coils that face downwards in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spine. This energy is channeled upward through the Chakras in the process of spiritual perfection. The kundalini rises up through the center of the spine via a channel called Sushumna when a negative and positive polarity is reached between the Solar and Lunar currents known as Pingala and Ida respectively. It is said that the Black Magician does the opposite, and tries to suppress the rising of the kundalini by purposely preventing balance in these two polarities. This is another example of a cultural phenomena which seems to appear in every culture: an attempt to reconcile opposites. In many ways Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are illustrated by the Caduceus.

KUNDALINI YOGA: (Yoga) Sanskrit. Gives mastery over the Kundalini, and leads to the control of the powers of the psychic-nerve force.


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