Why Yes I Am! I Am Mad Bro…


I wrote this in 2013 when the pithy phrase “You mad bro?” was so popular. Funny how things do not change.

In many ways, this is going to appear as a “stream of consciousness” post. I make no apologies, take from it what you will and let the rest disappear into nothingness.

I’ll soon be 50, yes that’s right, fifty years old. There are those who say 50 is the “new 40,” Well all I can say is I’m going to be 50 and I’ve more than earned it. An author once said something along the lines of “with youth comes knowledge and with age comes understanding.”

Guess what? I am not really a fan of a good portion of the things that I now understand.

Some people say that I’m bitter and jaded. This simply isn’t so. Yes, I often point out the ugliness of humanity and the world we’ve created, but turning a blind eye and focusing only on the “good” is just as unbalanced and indeed just as harmful as focusing only on the “bad.”

Some will say it’s my age, but those who pay attention and have their eyes open, I believe will agree with what I am about to say for the most part.

Never before have I felt more aggravated by, agitated by, alarmed by, angry at, annoyed by, bewildered by, bothered by, bugged by, concerned for, confounded by, confused by, disappointed in, discouraged with, disenchanted by, disgusted by, disheartened by, disillusioned with, dismayed with, distressed by, distraught over, enraged by, embarrassed of, exasperated by, freaked out by, frustrated with, furious at, incensed by, irked by, irritated with, let down by, muddled by, offended by, perplexed by, perturbed at, pissed off at, puzzled by, riled by, saddened by, troubled by, upset over, vexed by, worried about, and yes, even frightened of the state of affairs humanity has worked its way into. Most importantly where my country, the United States of America, has found itself.

I live in a country that pays people who play games, like football and basketball, millions of dollars a year while schools are closing down because they can not afford to stay open. Teachers live in fear of losing their homes and often buy supplies for their classrooms with their own money. Those who play the games threaten strikes whining that they do not get enough money, while entire families are out the streets with nowhere to go and no idea where their next meal is coming from and at the same time literally millions of homes, many of them foreclosed on, stand empty.

In my state, taxes have gone up significantly on things like cigarettes, not to help with the costs of healthcare but to fund a stadium for a football team that was NOT supposed to be paid for from public funds. Of course no smoking will be allowed in this stadium that smokers are going to be paying for.

A man who exposes unconstitutional activities of the federal government faces more dire consequences than rapists, murderers, and child molesters.

Gasoline prices are at all time highs while the companies that produce it are reporting record breaking profits.

With a single word an organization called the Federal Reserve can throw the entire country into financial turmoil.

Corporations can evade paying certain taxes because they are more or less considered people by current tax law. These same corporations along with the banking industry hold more sway over what happens in our government than the collective will of the citizenship does.

We send young men and women to fight “wars” based on lies and deception. Under the guise of protecting our freedom they are sent to murder and destroy the lives of people in other countries often without really knowing why. Should we blame those who are following orders? To some extent they do have a choice, they can follow orders or face court martial which leads to imprisonment and possible death sentences. Under current laws, if they refuse to follow such orders, they can be considered to be aiding terrorists or even be labeled terrorists themselves and simply disappear.

Any country that refuses to be bullied by the United States is considered to be “sticking their finger in the eye of America.”

The U.S. voices support for and sends weapons to rebels who decapitate women and children in front of other family members.

Grade school children are being arrested, yes arrested, by police for things like throwing paper airplanes in class.

U.S. citizens pets are being shot by police for no apparent, or acceptable reason.

Has it always been this way? Some have suggested that these kinds of things have always gone on and that we are only aware of it now thanks to technology and how quickly information can be shared.

While this may be true to a certain extent, I call bullshit.

Because I am very nearly 50 years old I remember when a family could support itself with only 1 adult member having a job AND that 1 adult also had time for his or her family.

I remember a time when people could protest without the fear of being labeled a terrorist and facing detainment without being charged.

I remember a time when the police actually protected the rights of citizens rather than those of corporations and lying politicians. They certainly never shot someone’s dog without very good reason.

I remember a time when prisons were for murderers, rapists, thieves, and other criminals, not people who held signs of protest or sat on the ground of public property refusing to leave at a peaceful gathering.

What has happened to my beloved United States of America? Why did we let it go this far? Our eyes are beginning to open, but is it too late?

I could go on and on but it’s too depressing.

Certainly there is much good in the world as well, but if we continue to turn a blind eye to things like I have mentioned here, we will no longer be able to enjoy the good that is out there.

Who knows?

Perhaps I truly am just a nearly old, bitter and jaded man.

I don’t think so…

Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude

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