Why Should We Study Mythology?

Why Mythology?

Mythology Myth Myths

People often question the need for studying mythology. Maybe it is because when some one uses the word “myth” we are automagically reminded of Greek or Roman myths. Myths are used for indoctrination even today, and we would do well to understand how this kind of magick is used against us to control out behavior, even down to what we consume.

Consider how some myths are being created today. Even as I write this. or the purposes of Social engineering a culture of blind obedience. In America, the myth of Rugged Individualism is used to shame people for being poor, asking for help or even for being sick. Trickle Down economics is a powerful myth in use to justify the stealing from the poor. Consider that idea in contrast with the myth of Robin Hood, for example. The original myth has been turned on its head to accomplish the complete opposite objective.

Today, in the United States myths are making a reappearance in the form of comic book and super-hero movies. The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter. Batman, Superman, Loki, and others are becoming real heroes on the minds of the children that can afford the ticket to a movie theater or a comic book. This is a refreshing break from the worship of individuals idolized solely for their ability to bounce a ball. Make copious amounts of money while completely ignoring the responsibility of being role models. It isn’t the ball player’s fault, it is the people who think of them as particularly valuable, even though many of them abuse drugs, their wives, girlfriends or both. They are often treated as though they are above the law simply because of their skill on the field.

I am sure you already know of Brock Turner, whose sentence was six months in jail with probation was just since prison time might ruin the chances of the white male star athlete at a prestigious university. So what is the message here? Mythology is magick, and it works.

This is not the cause of our society’s illness, but a symptom. Capitalism has become a new religion in the US, and the new sacrament is the dollar bill. This was a cause of social engineering as well. Consider Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

So What Do We do?

What I am saying is that we need to understand human nature, and how humans can be controlled. We have to understand when we are acting in accordance with our own True Will. That Divine Spark that shimmers in all humans, or if some CEO is using the government and our inherited love for stories to snuff out the flame.

Eyes open.


About Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo (b. 1960) is a poet, musician, song writer, photographer, magician, philosopher, author, Bishop and lecturer on occult and religious topics. He was born in Córdoba, Argentina on January 14, 1960.
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