Why is Thelema better than any other religion?

why Thelema is better than other "religions".

Is Thelema better than any other spiritual philosophy? Of course it is. And here is why. (Hint: It has to do with science)

Si Vales, Valeo

Well, I must say, this is one of the most important questions I have received in a long time. And not an easy one to answer.

There is no evidence as such, to support this. My opinion is that it is better because Thelema conforms to scientific knowledge unlike the other religions which have not evolved with science and refuse to.

For me Thelema is an honorable warrior-monk system. It deals with righteousness which begins with right thought. It is for everyone: boy, girl, big or small, tall or short, fat or thin, black, white, yellow, brown or purple.

In my opinion one has to try to forget what Crowley thought about it, and instead read the god damned book with an open mind… often, and let it work on your conscious until it begins to reveal its mysteries. But that can never happen within the confines of the peer-pressure that Thelemites place on one another to be the most Crowleyesque.

Crowley came up with the Book. He hated it. He was repulsed. Threw it into a closet and forgot all about it until many years later when he found it looking for some skying gear. It was only then that he realized what he had and the Law opened up for him. The trouble began with the commentaries as Crowley began to impose his world-view on the Holy Book.

So my answer is: it is better, if only because it doesn’t ignore the reality of science. But there is work to be done.

But in the end, we may find that all of this comes from the same place anyhow, and that it has all been said before, and that Thelema is only a new understanding or reinterpretation of the same old symbols we have always used. Love is the constant and has always been the universal force that we must all harness… old aeon or new.

Pax Profunda


Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo (b. 1960) is a poet, musician, song writer, photographer, magician, philosopher, author, Bishop and lecturer on occult and religious topics. He was born in Córdoba, Argentina on January 14, 1960.

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