Three Things In Thirty Minutes

writingI’ve been writing since I was a very young man. One of the earliest pieces I remember writing is a story when I was around nine or ten. It was the story of a wicked queen who was trying kill the good king and his young prince. All of the adults thought it was cute. Little did they know I was writing about my step-grandmother and how mean I thought she was. At one time, I had well over a dozen large spiral notebooks full of things I had written. Only one of those now survives thanks to the ravings of a now ex-wife and a fireplace.  It was rather upsetting to lose those myriad pages of my thoughts and ideas, but it is what it is.

In my early college days, before moving on to Regis University, I was a member of The Dead Poets Society at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming. At one particular meeting around Halloween, our professor gave us three topics and allowed us ten minutes to write on each of them. Those topics were Hidden Darkness, Masks, and What Is Evil? These are the results of this exercise in on the spot writing.


The word of evil is restriction.

Smothering the Self in pillows of normalcy.

Binding with shackles of control.

Choking with chains of conformity.

Loose the chains,

Break the shackles

Fight with the pillows.


A smile hiding a grimace

Tears hiding a knife

Laughter hiding silence


Light without Darkness cannot exist.

One is ultimately bound to the other.

Light does not hide the Darkness,

it longs to be united with it.

The explosion of unity

resulting in nothingness.

Separated only for the chance

of unity


Other than the occasional short story or the one piece I wrote that was published, I have rarely shared my meager attempts at putting creative rather than informational words to the page. I decided that maybe it’s time I step outside of myself a little bit and share some of the thoughts and ideas that have secretly made their way from my mind to the written page.

By the way, in the last of the Three Things, the ‘.’ on the last line is not an error on my part.

Copyright © 1991 Michael Walden. All Rights Reserved.

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