This Fever of You

Fever of You
This Fever Of You

It burns –

This fever of you.

The sparks of its flame alight

Everywhere and nowhere.

Blind my eyes –

Yet I smell your skin.

Remove all scent –

Yet I hear your voice.

Block my ears –

Yet I taste your lips.

Close my mouth –

Yet my heart beats your name.

Stop my heart –

Yet my skin feels your breath.

Melt my flesh –

Yet my bones are engraved with your words.

Burn my soul –

Yet you are the flames.

Forever –

Yet never again…


Copyright © 2013 Michael Walden. All rights reserved

Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude

Just some guy. Somewhere. Doing some things.


  1. ooooh…. this is gorgeous… who’s your muse?

  2. As of right now, and for as long as I can remember, I can only refer to her as She. 🙂

  3. Fine I confess. There was a woman once, a long time ago, that I originally wrote this for. Unfortunately or fortunately perhaps, it’s meaning has since changed. As I see it now, this is for Our Lady BABALON 🙂 

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