Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Jul. 10, 1856 – Jan. 7, 1943
by Brother Joshua Novak

Nikola TeslaTesla may seem like strange company for the likes of Jacques de Molay, Joan of Arc, Saladin, and General Patton. However when looking at the virtues associated with the ideals of the Order of Thelemic Knights, his inclusion is very obvious.

Born in 1856 in Austria (Croatia) and having immigrated to the United States (becoming a US citizen in 1891) Tesla began to work for the famed “inventor” Thomas Edison. Tesla soon began a project to improve Edisons generators for the promise of $50,000. Having succeeded in his task Tesla attempted to collect payment only to have Edison scoff and say that he had only been joking about giving him the money. Rather he was offered a small pay raise. Tesla turned down the pittance, knowing full well that his work was worth far more than that. Thus Tesla very early on demonstrated PRIDE in his own ability and knowledge that his true worth was valued at far more than $10 a week.

While many of the member of the Order of the Maltese Cross fought in literal wars, Tesla waged a figurative one. The War of Currents. Even now as I type this nomination, I am basking in Tesla’s success at the creation of a far more efficient (and cheaper to maintain) electrical delivery system than Edison’s DC. Tesla’s genius and vision has crafted a world that is so far removed from the one into which he was born. Humanity’s standard of living would be unrecognizable to those of prior generations.

This war, which was backed by Tesla’s friend and financier Westinghouse, could have made Tesla one of the richest men in the world. The royalty contracts, however, would have bankrupted Westinghouse. Tesla, showing Compassion (the Vice of Kings) and Fidelity, ripped up the contracts in order to save his friend’s company as well as in loyalty to the man who believed in his abilities when others did not. He further eschewed personal wealth and glory by allowing other inventors to make use of his efforts and patents without either payment or credit, simply because he felt that they were engaging in good work.

Nikola TeslaTesla engaged in some unusual habits, including never sleeping more than two hours in order to fully devote himself to his own Great Work. Tesla, who never married and lived a life of chastity, essentially was engaging in a form of Sex Magic (albeit unbeknownst to him) by channeling his energy into his creative work.

Although Tesla’s genius forever changed the world (it is quite doubtful that there would be computers, much less an internet for this page to even exist but for his efforts), Tesla unfortunately died in relative obscurity and poverty. In this Aeon of Horus, however, humanity’s desire to discover their True Wills often manifests in the desire to investigate how the True Wills of other great men and women throughout the ages manifested and helped to shape the world we live in today.

A new interest in Tesla’s life and work has shed light on his efforts. Tesla is finally receiving acknowledgement by many the world over for his genius and many sacrifices that were made in order to improve the lives of all mankind. We are all indeed indebted to this man. His inclusion into the Order of the Maltese Cross is but a small token of our appreciation for his work. May his life serve as a symbol to all of us to seek out our true purpose in this incarnation, and to do naught else but accomplish our True Wills.

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