Lack of Spiritual and Philosophical Interest

dark night of the soul

I lost my mojo, I feel empty, I can’t seem to concentrate on spiritual matters, I am finding it difficult finding joy

Dear Friend,

Si Vales, Valeo

Thanks for your interesting email. Don’t fret. You are not alone. I myself go through extreme dry, dark periods. Everyone waxes and wanes in their interests. Life has a way of letting us know what we should be focused on. Sometimes in not-so-kind ways. Other times, demons will disguise themselves as distractions to pull you from your path. Only you can know what is occurring. There is a lot of mastery that comes with the desire of living a magical life. There are various places along the way where you might encounter this lack of energy.

Everyone in this business worth their weight in salt is familiar with the Dark Night of The Soul, which is actually a good thing, as ones vision of one’s self fades away to make room for a more perfected soul. But there is a smaller, less well known phase, for lack of a better term, along the way. It is called The Veil of Paroketh. It is like the Dark Night of The Soul in terms of it being a very personal experience, and tends to deal with the ego as a separate aspect of ones wholeness. Appropriately enough, you will encounter the Veil of Paroketh just below Tiphareth. A reminder: Do not mistake the map for the actual path.

Religion is not a thinking man’s game: Philosophy is that. A man who is not at odds with his religion really ought to change religions to avoid becoming a drooling madman in his later years. I mean, what will you do with the rest of your life once you accept someone else’s dogma as truth? Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Religion relies on ethics, as does philosophy. But philosophy does not rely on religion. Philosophy is a struggle to comprehend life. It requires observation. Ethics is a study of motivations, impulse and control. It posits the existence of a right and a wrong. Trying to match ones ethics to one’s philosophy is the work of the Magician. If one should accomplish that, the philosophy being infused with ethical justification will make a solid foundation for a personal religion. If you should get there, after this “spiritual dryness,” please be sure not to impose your discoveries to anyone else, rather let them struggle in the same way as you are today to fulfill their destiny. Remember: we are both Kings and slaves. Good luck and peace be with you.

Pax Profunda


About Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo (b. 1960) is a poet, musician, song writer, photographer, magician, philosopher, author, Bishop and lecturer on occult and religious topics. He was born in Córdoba, Argentina on January 14, 1960.
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