Knight as A Gender-Neutral Term

The word Knight is used by The Order of Thelemic Knights uni-sexually. We recognize both men and women in the role of Knight. Traditionally Knights are assigned to a Lady to battle for them, but here we believe both women and men can fight not only for themselves but champion an underdog. Ladys were seen to be stately but feeble, needing a warrior to fight on her behalf. We know differently now.

In our Order all sexes are on equal standing, there is no condescending discourse or belittlement of sexes. People are people here. In other groups these differences are emphasized by trying to bring balance to the group by having equal numbers of men and women. In the Order of Thelemic Knights we believe it is more important for balance to be achieve on an individual level rather than emphasize socially imposed gender roles.

We hope by expanding the Knight role, attitudes and ideas will shift. The diversity Knight has by making it an a-sexual title emboldens all sexes. Though we see several female warriors throughout history, albeit their numbers fewer than their brothers in arms because of social constraints, we have no need or time for that. It is in hopes for restoring some semblance of balance and knowing that the body one is born to should not dictate their abilities in the world.

Women fight and many of us do it for honor. Chivalry makes us proud too, and while it is true everyone is limited by the circumstances of their birth, all humans grow from struggle. All humans seek for something greater than themselves. All humans are capable of great savagery to defend those they love. Try to hurt my child or my family and you shall fall by the edge of my sword.

The Order of Thelemic Knights is attempting to bestow a more gender-fluid station on the title of Knight. Women can bring another dimension to the virtues of the Knighthood. Today Knight is only an empty title, where the Queen endows celebrities the likes of Mick Jagger with a Knighthood. We would like to change that into a verb. It can be literal as with the female Kurdish fighters in the Middle East or you can take a more universal approach and speak up against injustices when they arise. Women have straddled the horse and boar the armor with icons such as Boudicca, St. Joan of Arc, the Amazonians with Penthesilea. Then you have another kind of warrior like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton with the woman suffrages, Harriet Tubman the abolitionist with the Underground Railroad, Rosa Parks of the Civil Rights movement, all knightly warriors.

We know women are warriors the same as men why not give them the same recognition and distinction? Times are changing, and yet it feels at times we are going backwards as a civilization. Here is to move ever forward. The Knight in me recognizes the Knight in you… if thou truly be one.

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