Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Order of Thelemic Knights. If you would like more information than you see available on our site, please feel free to contact us.

What does it mean to be an Order of Thelemic Knights?

The rule of our Order is based on the idea that a Thelemite is a member of the warrior AND priestly class, and that these two seemingly opposing characters can yield great benefit to the individual when brought into balance by the virtue of work.

We are a Chivalric Order. The first to embrace Thelema.

Our structure is military; our theology is Thelemic; our spirituality Gnostic.

How can one be a religious and soldierly?

We believe that a religious Thelemite is ipso facto, a spiritual warrior.

What is your position on women members?

We accept individuals of both sexes into our ranks. Furthermore, we fully support the ordination of women to all clerical offices, as part of the Gnostic-Thelemic tradition.

What is the primary focus of the Order of Thelemic Knights?

Our mission is threefold: We are a religious organization that caters to the spiritual needs of Thelemites by administering various sacraments.

Our members are sworn warriors that fight a spiritual battle with the ego. To this end members are encouraged to study the ancient warrior traditions, and use them as metaphors for the conflict which will ultimately lead to the discovery of the true self.

We have found that for many, charitable works is an integral part of this spiritual unfolding, and live by our own code of honor. We bring part of that light to the rest of the world by helping our fellow man, and so the Order of Thelemic Knights is always involved in various charitable activities.

What is your relationship to the other Thelemic Organizations?

We openly proclaim our independence. The Order of Thelemic Knights is an official body and is not associated with any other organization. We maintain mutual recognition with various Thelemic organizations. The Order of Thelemic Knights does not interfere or attempt to impede any of its members from fulfilling any oath or obligation an individual may have made in the past.

What is your position on human sexuality?

We do not make a stand in the area of sexuality and we believe that sexual orientation is morally neutral. We also believe that sex is a private matter between adults.

Do you have secrets?

Yes. We believe that work is made sacred by silence, and so we require that our members maintain a high level of discretion with regards to the work of the Order.

Are you an initiatory Order?

It depends on what you mean by “initiatory.” We require our members to study and work hard, and to approach this work sincerely. This is conductive to initiation. Each step of the way is marked by a ceremony.

Do you require any kind of theological education or training?

Yes. During various stages of advancement, each member is required to study some form of Martial, Hermetic and Religious science or history, and write dissertations. We also require our members to assist the Order to carry out its charitable work.

Aren’t you attempting to interpret or define Thelema for others by requiring adherence to a your code of conduct?

Many roads lead to the Holy City. We only provide one route, and that path is one in many. Our discipline is not for everyone. In fact, it is for the very few.

Do you charge money for this training?

Our members pay dues.

Can anyone join?

Membership is by invitation only.

You charge dues, your members are expected to carry out charitable works, adhere to your ethical code, and study hard in order to advance. How does that benefit members?

If you have to ask, you’ll never know. But since you did, the benefits of membership are:
Membership in a grassroots fraternal organization recognized for its curriculum and charitable activities.

The opportunity to develop a lasting community with others from all walks of life.
A variety of social activities available for the entire family.

The privilege of being part of the solution, rather than the problem and many opportunities to find personal fulfillment and satisfaction through supporting the Order.

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