The Creed of the Order of Thelemic knights.

We recognize that if the basis for what we know as truth is Order, then there are certain principles which are in alignment with that Order and that these principles will benefit us Spiritually, Socially and Physically. Further do we recognize that if the basis for what we know is Chaos, then there are certain principles which we can impose upon that Chaos that will benefit us Spiritually, Socially and Physically. Finally, we find it self-evident that these two sets of principles are in fact one.

This world is what wise men from the ages have referred to as “The Garden.” Our own preconceived ideas and misunderstanding of our own True Natures hide it from us. Our efforts are to be directed toward changing our minds so that we can see and experience this Garden, which is our birthright. The universe is exactly as we expect it to be and it changes to meet our expectations, desires, and psychosis. We are the creators of this world. “As we believe, so it is.” This applies even to this statement itself, and therein is hidden a profound mystery.

Existence is Sorrow — Existence is Joy. These two statements are equally true. One reflects the opinion of the uninformed, sleeping creatures. The other is the experience of the individual who has learned to see through the eyes of his Divine Being. We are asleep, and at the mercy of our own nightmares. A flame burns within each of us, a Divine Entity whose eyes are NOT closed to this reality. This divine counterpart can awaken us. This Being is the True Self of the individual: The Holy Guardian Angel.

There is an ancient Gnostic tradition of awakened individuals, which still exists in today’s world. Its members are invisible, living their lives in a Garden into which the profane cannot enter. They often retreat into this illusion to recruit others, and to the sleepy masses these individuals appear to be Avatars possessing magical powers.
Our actual existence stretches back to the Creation of all things, to the moment and place where the light came into being on its own accord, establishing itself, and became manifested through our image.

The Law of Thelema promises us salvation in the form of Knowledge in the present, not after death.

The day is coming, when everyone will eventually awaken. A line has been drawn in the sand; a battle will take place.

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