Thoth Tarot – The Universe In Your Hands

Introduction to the study of the Thoth Tarot.

Module 1Overview Of The Thoth Tarot Course
Unit 1Introduction To The Thoth Tarot Course
Unit 2What This Course Will Cover
Unit 3So What Is the Tarot?
Unit 4Assignment - Your Tarot Symbols
Unit 5Module 1 Quiz
Module 2Little Bits of Things You Need to Know
Unit 1Qabalah
Unit 2Astrology
Unit 3Color Theory
Unit 4Introduction To The Cards
Unit 5Module 2 Quiz
Module 3The Atu - Part I
Unit 1Introduction To The Atu
Unit 2The Fool
Unit 3The Magus
Unit 4The High Priestess
Unit 5The Empress
Unit 6The Emperor
Unit 7The Hierophant
Unit 8The Lovers
Unit 9The Chariot
Unit 10Adjustment
Unit 11The Hermit
Unit 12Fortune
Unit 13Module 3 Quiz
Module 4The Atu - Part II
Unit 1Lust
Unit 2The Hanged Man
Unit 3Death
Unit 4Art
Unit 5The Devil
Unit 6The Tower
Unit 7The Star
Unit 8The Moon
Unit 9The Sun
Unit 10Aeon
Unit 11The Universe
Unit 12Module 4 Quiz
Module 5Exam 1
Unit 1Exam 1
Module 6The Sixteen Court Cards
Unit 1Mixed Up World of The Court Cards
Unit 2The The Four Knights
Unit 3The Four Princes
Unit 4The Four Princesses
Unit 5The Four Queens
Unit 6Module 5 Quiz
Module 7The Aces
Unit 1The Spirit of the Aces
Unit 2Ace of Wands
Unit 3Ace of Cups
Unit 4Ace of Swords
Unit 5Ace of Disks
Unit 6Module 6 Quiz
Module 8The Small Cards
Unit 1The Four Twos
Unit 2The Four Threes
Unit 3The Four Fours
Unit 4The Four Fives
Unit 5The Four Sixes
Unit 6The Four Sevens
Unit 7The Four Eights
Unit 8The Four Nines
Unit 9The Four Tens
Unit 10Module 7 Quiz
Module 9Exam 2
Unit 1Exam 2
Module 10Final Exam - Thoth Tarot
There are no units in this module.
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