Round Table Guidelines. Please Read!
We want everyone to feel free to express themselves as they see fit. However, we do ask that our friends keep The Eleven Virtues of Thelemic Knighthood in mind as well as the following:

  • This is not Facebook, so please keep memes to a bare minimum. We would actually prefer you do not use them at all, but we are also aware that sometimes you find one that is just too good not to share.
  • Quotes from other writers can be useful, but please do not use quotes as your only response in a discussion. YOUR words are important!
  • Please remember that a truly skilled writer can explain even the most difficult of subjects in a way that anyone of average intelligence can understand.
  • We recognize the fact that strong debate and even the occasional argument are bound to happen. Please remember “As brothers fight ye!” Name calling and demeaning another person will very likely get you kicked in the codpiece!

Open discussion of Thelema, magic, and other “occult” topics serves as both learning and teaching. That being said, thank you for keeping these guidelines in mind and enjoy teaching and learning with us!

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