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The Order of Thelemic Knights - How We Get There Matters

The Order of Thelemic Knights (OTK) was officially established on August 23, 1999. The organization consists of three distinct levels of membership: Squires, Knights, and Peers.



Grades Within The Order

Given a curriculum consisting of various disciplines, such as Qabalah, Hermetic Magick, Astrology, Comparative Religion and Critical Reasoning, the Squire grade is a period of mutual evaluation. The curriculum is designed to cover the basics and introduces the candidate to some of the technical language used in initiations and other Order writings. They are also assigned a Knight to assist them in their work. The Knight is the Squire’s connection to the Order. The Knight can, in turn, ask for the assistance of the Squire to help him achieve his own Order work and/or fulfill his responsibilities and obligations. Upon completion of the Squire’s work and recognition of the OTK’s Grand Triumvirate, the Squire may then be invited to serve in the Order as a Knight.

After completing the Squire work, a Squire may be invited to the Knighthood. The Knight grade is by invitation only. Knights work on their own without the guidance of a tutor. They are expected to complete assigned work and perform various management duties for the Order. They are in essence, teachers. Their resulting work must show some mastery in the areas of comparative religion, philosophy, and critical thinking.

Knights are also taught to organize community events, in particular emergency preparedness. When a Knight has completed his assigned work he or she has the option of serving in the Priesthood of The Gnostic Thelemic Church of Alexandria, under the tutelage of the Bishop. This is not a requirement. Knights showing interest in Holy Orders must complete an additional period of training.

The Peers: Very little is known of the Peers except that they are the Grand Master’s advisers and the Order’s governing body. The Grand Triumvirate consists of three Peers: the Grand Master, the Grand Marshall, and the Grand Seneschal.

The Eleven Virtues of Thelemic Knighthood

The Order’s ethical value system is reflected in eleven virtues. Shown here again because of their great importance.

  • Nobility: Poise and elegance in both word and deed.
  • Discernment: Piercing all glamour to see the Truth in one’s self and in others.
  • Pride: Having a true sense of one’s worth.
  • Compassion: The vice of Kings!
  • Fidelity: Loyalty to one’s self, one’s comrades and to one’s word.
  • Passion: To do all with love under will.
  • Strength: The body is the Temple of God.
  • Discipline: Perseverance, that the Work may be accomplished.
  • Self Reliance: Only a free man may walk our path.
  • Hospitality: To share what one has with others, especially those far from home.

Charity Work and Disaster Relief

The Order has been a part of various charitable campaigns since its creation. Our first venture into disaster relief began in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. Members of the Order worked together with the Red Cross to provide security for refugees in the Portland, Oregon area. Since that time, our officers have spoken to community members about disaster preparedness and emergency relief work in the Northwest.

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